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Our programs promote inspire positive decision-making among children and adults.

At REACH Council, our goal is to help build strong, connected communities in Johnson County, Texas and surrounding areas. Our community-based prevention programs include our community coalition, REACH Across Johnson County, and our Youth Recovery Support Communities program.

With REACH Across Johnson County, our focus is to guide and inspire the community to be a part of the solution and to REACH out and make a difference in Johnson County. We do this through working closely with schools, businesses, the faith community, and other individuals and organizations with the goal to increase prevention infrastructure and prevention opportunities in the areas of mental health and substance misuse.

Community-Based Prevention Programs in Johnson County, Texas

The REACH Across Johnson County community coalition works to do this through bringing members of the community together to identify the substance-use-related problems in the community and enact community-level activities in order to address these issues. This can happen through education presentations with local schools and community groups, supporting local prescription drug take-back days that remove expired and unwanted prescription medications, facilitating events that provide education to teens on substance use and underage alcohol use during high-risk times, and educating parents and other adults on substance use and mental health topics.

REACH Council’s Youth Recovery Communities Program is a peer recovery support program designed to provide a wide array of non-clinical services and supports to help youth ages 13-21 initiate, support, and maintain recovery from substance-use disorders. Additionally, the YRCC is mandated with community outreach related to substance-use disorders and recovery.

The YRC offers youth and young adults:

    • Peer Counseling with trained staff who are also in long-term recovery.
    • Facilitated Support Group Meetings. Support groups afford participants an opportunity to share their experiences in an environment that encourages vulnerability and honesty.
    • Social Activities that promote a healthy, sober engagement with life.
    • Education and Employment Support. This includes resume building, homework help, application support, guidance and resources, and referrals to other agencies.
    • Community Service Projects for our youth and young adults to give back to the community. Past projects have included a community garden, volunteering at animal shelters, and working community events.

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For more information on community-based prevention programs, please contact Jen Heggland, Director of Community Programs.

Note: All presentations are customized to each audience for age and developmentally appropriate message delivery. Topics for community-based prevention programs include (but are not limited to):

      • Drugs
      • Alcohol
      • Tobacco
      • E-Cigarettes
      • Suicide
      • Crime
      • Life Skills
      • Decision-Making
      • Bullying
      • Cyber-Bullying
      • Social Media Safety

Youth Presentations

REACH offers presentations to students on the dangers and consequences of using alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, prescription drugs, etc. Presentations can be in small classroom settings or full student body assemblies. Many presentations are conducted during the annual Red Ribbon Week campaign, but others can be scheduled throughout the school year. We even offer presentations for community youth groups during the summer such as scouts, church camps, etc.

Adult Presentations

REACH offers presentations and work-group sessions with administrators, teachers and counselors to develop collaborative campus prevention plans. We will participate and attend School Health Advisory Council meetings, and we will also do community/parent presentations. Adult presentations are often focused on current drug trends, identifying warning signs, and a program called “Hidden in Plain Sight”, where we demonstrate how teens are getting drugs into homes and schools undetected.

Alternative Activities

REACH offers drug-free events and activities to promote bonding with peers, family and community. The goal of an alternative activity is to teach new skills or encourage other forms of recreation that would be suitable alternatives to engaging in risky or destructive behaviors. We bring the activities to your group or existing events like health fairs, pre-prom events, or even overnight graduation parties for substance-free fun!


Participating Community Partners for Presentations and Alternative Activities:

      • Boys & Girls Club
      • Salvation Army
      • YMCA
      • Mission Midlothian
      • Texas A&M AgriLife
      • Common Ground Ministries
      • Ellis County Juvenile Services

Community Coalitions

Coalitions are groups of people who work together towards a common cause or purpose. REACH Council currently sponsors two coalitions: Be Healthy Johnson County, which is a state funded community coalition partnership (CCP), and Ellis County Drug Free Coalition, which is funded locally. In addition to the two agency-based coalitions, REACH staff participate in several other coalitions throughout HHSC public health region 3.