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We can partner with your school or community site to bring you engaging prevention programs.

Today, children and teens are exposed to drugs, alcohol, and other harmful substances at earlier and earlier ages. Our goal is to empower students to make positive decisions.

At REACH Council, we provide evidence-based prevention programs throughout Johnson County, Texas and surrounding areas.

School-Based Prevention Programs in Johnson County, Texas

Our evidence-based prevention programs, provide education on healthy life skills like developing healthy friendships, peer refusal skills, and identifying and managing emotions. Additionally, these programs provide developmentally appropriate education on the harms of substance use. Every program is engaging, fun, and informative, and we can provide these presentations in small group settings as well as during larger assemblies.

We want to tell you more about what our prevention programs, including school-based prevention programs, cover and why they are the right fit for your particular school or district. To learn more about our prevention programs or to schedule a presentation, reach out to us today.

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Education Programs

Kids Connection / CBSG Program (Developer – Rainbow Days)

​School-based prevention programs for elementary-aged students are conducted in small group settings to address topics that include making healthy choices, goal-setting and building positive self-esteem.

Youth Connection / CBSG Program (Developer – Rainbow Days)
Prevention/intervention programs for middle and high school students who are in disciplinary or alternative education are focused on educating at-risk students on the dangers and consequences of substance use. Education topics include tobacco, marijuana, prescription drug misuse, underage drinking, and peer pressure.

Too Good For Drugs (Developer – Mendez Foundation)
​School-based prevention programs for middle school students are conducted in a regular classroom setting, and lessons include teaching prevention strategies and coping skills to help kids avoid unhealthy situations.

Youth Presentations

REACH offers presentations to students on the dangers and consequences of using alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, prescription drugs, etc. Presentations can be in small classroom settings or full student body assemblies. Many presentations are conducted during the annual Red Ribbon Week campaign, but others can be scheduled throughout the school year. We even offer presentations for community youth groups during the summer such as scouts, church camps, etc.

Adult Presentations

REACH offers presentations and work-group sessions with administrators, teachers and counselors to develop collaborative campus prevention plans. We will participate and attend School Health Advisory Council meetings, and we will also do community/parent presentations. Adult presentations are often focused on current drug trends, identifying warning signs, and a program called “Hidden in Plain Sight”, where we demonstrate how teens are getting drugs into homes and schools undetected.

Alternative Activities

REACH offers drug-free events and activities to promote bonding with peers, family and community. The goal of an alternative activity is to teach new skills or encourage other forms of recreation that would be suitable alternatives to engaging in risky or destructive behaviors. We bring the activities to your group or existing events like health fairs, pre-prom events, or even overnight graduation parties for substance-free fun!

The following school districts partner with REACH for presentations, positive alternative activities, and Red Ribbon Week events, with districts shown in bold also receiving a full curriculum-based education program.

Midlothian ISD, Waxahachie ISD, Red Oak ISD, Ennis ISD, Italy ISD,
Maypearl ISD, Avalon ISD, Milford ISD, Palmer ISD, Ferris ISD & Life School

Joshua ISDBurleson ISD, Cleburne ISD, Alvaredo ISD, Venus ISD,
Godley ISD, Grandview ISD, Keene ISD, Rio Vista ISD